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CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney
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CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

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  • Interstate Trucker Ltd. concentrates its practice on helping truckers with tickets.
  • Interstate Trucker Ltd. understands what truckers have to contend with on today's roads.
  • Interstate Trucker Ltd. knows trucking law.
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Drivers Legal Plan...

Drivers Legal Plan ® makes the highest quality legal representation affordable to the CDL driver. Drivers Legal Plan® is a true National Law Firm, completely dedicated to CDL defense, with attorneys who have handled over 250,000 CDL cases throughout the lower 48 states. This incredible experience and success actually puts the odds back in the driver's favor... more

Client Testimonials...

A driver was cited for hauling hazardous materials through a tunnel in Everett, PA. The load had been misrouted by military shippers. Interstate Trucker Ltd.™ legal staff was able to get the ticket dismissed. The driver was able to continue an award-winning safety career record and the company avoided a serious incident being noted on their motor... more

Who We Are...

Interstate Trucker Ltd. is a law firm that fights traffic tickets for the nation's truck drivers. When you find yourself in need of legal assistance for traffic related matters, call Interstate Trucker Ltd.™ at 1-800-333-DRIVE and tell us what you were accused of and where the court is located.... more

Lawyers for Truckers with CDL Traffic Tickets

What is CSA?

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), is a safety initiative of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), together with State Partners and industry, to further reduce commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes, fatalities, and injuries on our nation's highways. Through CSA, FMCSA collects data from 3.5 million roadside inspections and 100,000 crash reports across the country each year and uses all performance data, weighted by time and by relation to future crash risk and consequence, to identify unsafe behaviors and correct them through a new interventions process - before they result in crashes. more

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