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Unlike any other group of citizens in the country today, CDL drivers can lose their ability to make a living and provide for their family, over traffic tickets. As a result, truck drivers are often targeted by enforcement agencies. Because all violations count against a driver's MVR, the accessible services of an experienced transportation attorney are an absolute must for anyone desiring to make a career in the trucking industry.

Designed in 1991 by the same truck company executives who created Interstate Trucker™, Drivers Legal Plan® makes the highest quality legal representation affordable to the common driver.

Drivers Legal Plan® is a true National Law Firm, completely dedicated to CDL defense, with attorneys who have handled over 250,000 CDL cases throughout the lower 48 states. This incredible experience and success actually puts the odds back in the driver's favor.

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Benefits of Drivers Legal Plan® include:

- The most affordable plan on the market today

- 24/7 coverage, in any vehicle you drive, on or off the job, for any violation that affects your CDL

- You report violations directly to Law office via toll-free number

- Not an insurance/referral agency, who might use a lawyer unfamiliar with CDL defense

- Drivers Legal Plan® attorneys dedicate their entire practice to CDL defense. They have extensive experience in every state and practically every court in the continental 48 states. DLP attorneys include CDL-holding former prosecutors, legislators, and a state attorney general. They know logbook rules, hazmat standards, weight and length restrictions, and most importantly, the effects of various jurisdiction violations on your CDL.

- Drivers Legal Plan® attorneys handle your case start to finish (no limit on hours), for an agreed-in-advance flat fee at a fraction of normal charges, potentially saving thousands in legal fees. With Drivers Legal Plan®, you CAN afford to fight.

- The national law firm of Drivers Legal Plan® has an unparalleled database of over 250,000 CDL cases, which, coupled with current CDL requirements in each state, make for an immediate and accurate assessment of every legal situation on the road. This experience generally puts the odds of success in our client's favor.

- Drivers Legal Plan® Attorneys handle your moving and non-moving violations, including "serious CDL offenses," for $100 ($250 for simple accidents not involving loss of life or limb). Other legal matters, including alleged alcohol and drug violations, can be handled by the attorneys at a 1/3 off discount, which could result in even greater savings.

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