CDL Ticket Defense

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You know the state and federal government has to have a warrant to tap your phone. You know the government needs a warrant to search your property. What about you recording or taping a police officer during a stop or arrest? Do you need a warrant, no; but you may need their consent if it is a con... Read More

My mother has become addicted to her pain medication. Her addiction has ruined our family as she will do anything to get more pain medication. Who can we sue for causing my mother to become addicted? Prescription medication addiction is really in the news now. Cities, counties and even state... Read More

If you are arrested, what are the kinds of charges that you may be charged with? There are three types of charges available to law enforcement that can lead to your arrest: Civil infractions, Misdemeanors and Felonies. Civil infractions are non-criminal charges filed by a city, county, stat... Read More

A group of us were sitting around the table at a truck stop discussing whether or not we have to speak with cops or if we can remain silent. There was much talk about our right to remain silent and get a lawyer. Can you give us some information of our right to remain silent? Jeff, Ohio Chie... Read More

My son was injured in a car crash. His buddy was driving after they had been partying at a local bar. My son had too much to drink so he had his buddy drive them home. They never made it, but did have a crash. My wife and I now have to care for our son because he received brain damage in the... Read More

My son-in-law was charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.  What happened is he had a New Year’s party and some of his friends are under 18 years old, he just turned 21 in college.  He is in a fraternity and had his party in his apartment which was busted by the cops ... Read More

I lent money to a guy to help him buy a car so he could get to work and keep his job.  Sure enough, he drives the car but will not pay me back.  We had an agreement in writing and signed by both of us that allows me to garnish his wages if he fails to pay me back.  He claims to be jud... Read More

My father has been living in his current home for over 25 years.  He has fenced, mowed and maintained all of this property for that 25 years.  He even built his greenhouse/workshop at the back of the property over 18 years ago.  Recently the neighbor at the back of the property passed... Read More

Remember back to your school years where everyone knew the class bully and just about everyone was, at some time and to some degree, on the receiving end of the class bully.  I know it happened to me.  I had two bullies in the class above me that just loved to pick on me.  They were b... Read More

Are you tired right now?  Are you getting enough sleep?  Do you have Sugar Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure?  Are you, as my grandmother used to say, “big boned”, overweight or is your neck size 17.5 inches or over?  If you answered yes, then you maybe being stalked b... Read More

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