CDL Ticket Defense

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It feels like any magazine you pick up or newspaper you read contains at least one article about driverless cars/trucks and autonomous vehicles (collectively “AVs”) and how they will create a utopian society where all of the problems associated with our roads and highways are gone. S... Read More

As everyone is aware, the ELD mandate has gone live and we are now in a “soft enforcement” period. In short, “soft enforcement” means that while roadside enforcement personnel have begun documenting violations of the rule they are generally not placing drivers out of service... Read More

In light of recent events, the mere fact that the title of this article references gun rights is likely enough to guarantee that I will receive a million comments about this article. With that in mind, let’s get a couple of things out of the way up front. First, the purpose of this article i... Read More

The bills passed by the United States House of Representatives and Senate are reported to provide the biggest tax cuts in history. The bills, as passed, have significant differences that need to be resolved or “reconciled”. Now the House and Senate will be working to reconcile the bill... Read More

My sister wants to contest dad’s will. Dad remarried after mom died and left everything to his new wife. Can my sister contest his will so our stepmom doesn’t get everything? Wills provide instruction as to how you want your assets to be dispersed at your death. They can also des... Read More

We are sending our son to college this fall and would like to give him some advice on sexual assault at college. We are from a small farm town and I drive for a living which means his mom is home alone a lot but we do want our son to go to college. We were unable to go to college ourselves but we ... Read More

The man I want to marry has asked me to sign a prenuptial agreement before we get married. He owns a truck company with 40 trucks and is making good money. He has two children by his first wife. Do you think I should sign it? Jennifer W., AL You have not told me anything about the prenupti... Read More

You know the state and federal government has to have a warrant to tap your phone. You know the government needs a warrant to search your property. What about you recording or taping a police officer during a stop or arrest? Do you need a warrant, no; but you may need their consent if it is a con... Read More

My mother has become addicted to her pain medication. Her addiction has ruined our family as she will do anything to get more pain medication. Who can we sue for causing my mother to become addicted? Prescription medication addiction is really in the news now. Cities, counties and even state... Read More

If you are arrested, what are the kinds of charges that you may be charged with? There are three types of charges available to law enforcement that can lead to your arrest: Civil infractions, Misdemeanors and Felonies. Civil infractions are non-criminal charges filed by a city, county, stat... Read More

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