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Interstate Trucker Ltd. is a law firm that fights traffic tickets for the nation's truck drivers. When you find yourself in need of legal assistance for traffic related matters, call Interstate Trucker Ltd.™ at 1-800-333-DRIVE and tell us what you were accused of and where the court is located. Interstate Trucker Ltd.™ will tell you what they believe they can do to assist you and what the flat fee will be for attorney representation in court. If you believe this is a fair way to determine your options to fight a traffic ticket, give Interstate Trucker Ltd.™ a call at 800-333-DRIVE.

Truck Attorneys for Truckers Needing CDL Traffic Ticket Defense

Truckers with CDL Traffic Tickets need to Call 800-580-8789 to speak to a CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney! We are Truck Attorneys & CDL Lawyers a trucker can trust.

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