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The Department of Labor is officially withdrawing a late-Trump-era rulemaking that would have clarified the definition within the Fair Labor Standards Act. Because the rule never took effect, owner-operators will so no changes as a result of the rule's withdrawal. Read More

A tidal wave of demand could be headed to a trucking segment that's the least capable of absorbing it.

A summer travel season that's expected to be defined by "revenge vacations" – people hitting the highways en masse following nearly a year stuck at home under pandemic restrictions – is expected to bring with it a surging demand for fuel, yet liquid bulk haulers already have more to haul than drivers to pull it. Read More

Telematics can provide incredible insights to fleet managers about the productivity and safety of their drivers and fleet. Read More

For the second time this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, along with other Department of Transportation agencies, is updating fines for violations of federal trucking regulations for inflation. The DOT didn’t issue the 2020 update until January 2021. Read More

Since COVID-19, the entire face of fleet communications has changed, all but eradicating in-person interactions and accelerating the digital transformation of the commercial trucking industry. Read More

The leased owner-operator model in California suffered a severe blow Wednesday as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an injunction that had exempted the trucking industry from state’s AB 5 law and the ABC test for determining validity of any independent contractor classification.
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When auto and commercial truck manufacturers are limiting production due to a global shortage of semiconductors, it's a sign that other types of manufacturers and suppliers are also getting squeezed. Read More

Unexpected downtime is every fleet owner’s worst nightmare.

A disabled truck stranded on the side of the road creates a chain reaction of cost and inconvenience.

A driver who might be paid per mile has been temporarily prevented from earning his or her wage. A shipment the truck is carrying has been delayed. The fleet manager must arrange a roadside repair or a tow depending on the nature of the repair or the truck’s distance from the nearest service station – a significant cost on its own. Finally, a key asset is sidelined and unprofitable while those repairs are made. Read More

A Tesla crash on Saturday in Texas that claimed the lives of two men, one of them being a doctor, has stirred up legitimate concerns about self-driving technology. Read More

Demand for transportation in the U.S. accounts for a significant portion of the U.S. economy – between $1.3 trillion and $1.8 trillion, or 9.4% of the GDP.

According to the transportation services index, and despite the COVID-19 epidemic, freight service was not nearly as impacted as the passenger segment and has quickly recovered. Read More

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