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Platforms like Uber Freight, Convoy, and DAT have digitized the way carriers find freight, and Brooklyn-based startup Koffie Labs is hoping to do the same for how fleets find truck insurance. Read More

Last March and April, CCJ talked to dozens of fleets about how the COVID-19 outbreak was impacting their daily operations, their business opportunities and their personnel. We’re catching up with some of those same fleets a year later to see how they’re faring – and to recap what’s happened in the time since. Read More

A petition challenging the hours of service regulations that took effect at the end of September 2020 is on hold after a court granted a request by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to hold the case in abeyance. Read More

With tens of millions of doses already delivered and millions of doses waiting in the wings for delivery, we reached out to a few industry onlookers to see what the process of hauling COVID-19 vaccine loads has looked like so far -- and how the process might change with potentially hundreds of millions of doses slated for delivery and administration in the coming months. Read More

Hours regs suspended in 33 states, D.C., for winter storm relief haulers
Truck drivers and carriers hauling various winter storm relief supplies in 33 states and Washington, D.C., are exempt from hours of service regulations following an emergency declaration issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Midwestern, Southern, and Western Service Centers. Read More

Technology startups and venture capital (VC) firms have been making big bets in the trillion-dollar trucking and logistics (T&L) industry. Read More

States given flexibility to further extend CDL, med cert expirations
In addition to extending the COVID-related hours of service waiver through the end of May, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is also extending the period for which states can choose to extend the validity of CDLs and CLPs through May 31. The waiver was set to expire Feb. 28. Read More

Our transportation clients frequently inquire whether they should invest in dash cameras for their fleet of commercial motor vehicles. Their primary concerns (aside from the upfront investment costs) is the possibility that a dash cam will capture content that may be harmful in a future lawsuit. Read More

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is extending its hours of service waiver for truck drivers hauling relief supplies related to the COVID-19 pandemic through May 31. The waiver was most recently set to expire Feb. 28. Read More

Mileage has traditionally been used by truckload carriers as the basis for pricing loads, billing customers and paying drivers. In this low-margin industry, however, time has always been the more important denominator. Read More

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