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Many books have been written about the idea of under-promising and over-delivering. However, another group of business writers has adopted the over-promising and over-delivering concept, which has caused issues in American business systems. As a follower of W. Edwards Deming, I hear his words reminding me, "Management is prediction."
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DOL seeks dismissal of company’s countersuit of drivers seeking overtime pay

The U.S. Department of Labor has requested that a federal court in Vermont allow the department to intervene and seek the court’s dismissal of a counterclaim that Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc. – one of the nation’s largest baking companies – has asserted against its own truck drivers who are seeking the overtime compensation that they are allegedly owed. Read More

Trucking conditions improved substantially from December to January, according to FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index (TCI).
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The Truckload Carriers Association recognized the Top 10 small and Top 10 large carriers last week as Best Fleets to Drive For.

Best Fleets to Drive For is an annual survey and contest that recognizes the North American for-hire trucking companies that provide the best workplace experience for drivers. Fleets must be nominated by a company driver or independent contractor working with them, after which they are evaluated across a broad range of categories reflecting current best practices in human resources, including driver compensation, pension and benefits, professional development, driver and community support and safety record. Read More

All industries have experienced in recent years the vast and fast-paced changes in technology. But organizations have been facing another change as Baby Boomers age into retirement to be replaced by a younger working population.
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is closing a loophole in its Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse that makes it possible for a driver to have a drug or alcohol violation reported by another employer after a pre-employment query, but before the next annual one. The news came during FMCSA Administrator Robin Hutcheson’s address to members of the Truckload Carriers Association at the organization’s Truckload 2023 meeting in Orlando Tuesday. Read More

When my wife and I got married and moved into our first house, our first major home furnishings purchase was a huge (at the time) television: a 55-inch rear projection Sony Wega that set us back $3,000. In 2004, that was the equal to more than five mortgage payments.

It was probably one of the dumber things we could have purchased at the time but in your early 20s, and rounding corner into football season, your priorities don't always make a lot of sense. Read More

Brakes are annually a top out of service violation during Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) International Roadcheck, and this year will get special emphasis during the campaign in May.

A high-visibility, high-volume 72-hour inspection and enforcement event Roadcheck will have CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. focus on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement to highlight the importance of those aspects of vehicle safety. Read More

Despite challenges getting certain parts and components most of last year, the truck service repair business was booming, according to survey data compiled by Fullbay, a provider of heavy-duty truck and trailer repair shop management software, in partnership with the Technology & Maintenance Council. Read More

Today’s fleets have a large flow of data at their disposal, and fleet managers must determine what they would like to measure.

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will certainly lead you in the right direction, so look at areas that drive key business decisions. That can be on-time preventive maintenance (PM) completion, downtime, cost per mile (CPM), repair code analysis, en route failures, etc. Read More

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