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CDL Attorney Services


We are the actual attorneys who will oversee every detail of your case.

If you are a CDL Driver looking for legal representation, be sure to ask two questions of every resource you talk to: are you a CDL defense law firm? Do you represent only truckers?

If they don’t answer yes to both of these questions – and chances are they won’t – they simply can’t offer you the best chance for a successful outcome.

But we can.

Representing truckers is all we do – and fighting for your job and driving record is what we do best. We have handled more than 350,000 defense cases since 1991 and have been able to favorably affect the outcome in 95% of them.

Many times, truckers think they’re talking to a law firm, but they’re actually talking to a third-party agency who, once you sign on, will simply refer you to an attorney. There’s no guarantee that attorney will be knowledgeable about CDL defense law or that they will know anything about how that violation will impact your license in your home state. Those two factors can make all the difference.

Interstate Trucker will help you navigate the CDL minefield and manage your CSA SMS score, so you can keep your job and maintain your good driving record. We are with you from beginning to successful end.

Remember, you’ll never have an unexpected charge with Interstate Trucker. We quote one flat fee up front, and regardless of the hours it takes us to successfully complete your case, we will never charge you any additional legal fees.

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