CDL Consultant


You worked hard to earn your commercial driver's license and your good driving record, so don't let a violation cost you a lot of money and damage or possibly end your career. Laws, regulations and CDL training in the trucking industry change frequently and truckers are often ticketed or charged with violations that can add unnecessary points to their driving records. One of the most important things to know is that by simply paying a ticket, you are admitting guilt. Once you do that, the points are on your record and can't be changed.

As soon as you receive a citation, you should consult with a qualified legal expert to understand your options. An experienced professional with knowledge of the trucking industry can usually help reduce the fees you have to pay, keep points off your record and fight for you to make sure your license isn't suspended or revoked.

Additionally, if you drive outside of your state of residence, you will be subject to the laws of the state in which you received the citation, which could be different than your home state's. The CDL attorneys at Interstate Trucker will employ an attorney in your ticket jurisdiction to represent you at no charge, if necessary. They understand the law and know what it takes to make sure truckers are treated fairly in court. Best of all, their services are available for a single up-front fee and you are never charged any more for your case, no matter how complicated or difficult.


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